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Sarah Quintal

Team Manager - Technology & Digital
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Sarah Quintal

Team Manager – Technology & Digital

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Originally from the UK, Sarah has been living in New Zealand for over 12 years and considers this awesome part of the world home (a great decision, we might add). She has spent over 14 years in Talent Acquisition, working across internal, agency and outsourcing. From planning to placements, Sarah goes above and beyond, partnering with her clients as a trusted advisor and a sounding board for new initiatives.

She is passionate about building high-performance teams and leadership capability through diligent executive recruitment. Working with boards and executive teams, Sarah future-proofs their business by hiring the right talent at the right time.

Using her extensive experience in strategic HR, she ensures clients make the best sourcing decisions to achieve their objectives. Most notably, Sarah has built specialist transformation teams delivering some of New Zealand’s most complex work programmes, from mergers to platform migrations.

Now at Consult, Sarah manages a specialised team of IT & Digital consultants who are truly learning from the best. If you’re in the IT & Digital space, requiring the recruitment of an entire team, a sole addition or searching for your next career move – get in touch with Sarah.


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