You told us that salary negotiations have a pesky habit of cropping up at any time – not just when the head office of some international corporate behemoth publishes their annual glossy ‘salary guide’.

You also told us that many of those guides seem inaccurate and out-of-touch with the New Zealand accounting and finance community.

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We listened to you, and we developed What’s My Worth, a free, anonymous and real-time resource especially for New Zealand’s accounting and finance community.

How does it work?

  1. Anonymously enter your salary Also, some information about your qualifications, location, employer size and so on.
  1. Data will instantly be added to the pool Also, and auto-magically provide you with detailed insight on how your salary compares with real, relevant matching profiles.
  1. Compare and Help! The more people enter their information, the better it gets for everyone.

What’s next for you? Instantly compare your salary to real people! Find your worth now or contact one of our consultants!

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